Friday, September 21, 2012

9/15 Brooklyn, NY - Sunset Park #opwalkabout

I woke Saturday morning with a start to three snoring Slovenians. 

I wasn't sure where the fourth had gone, I was assuming he was asleep on the porch or on whatever floor space he could nab in the mad rush to pass out the evening before. Hoping to keep from waking them I tiptoed around the tiny apartment, I'd been brusque at best the evening before and I wanted to make a clean getaway. I packed the top third of my bag putting things away quietly and stepped onto the porch for the mornings first cigarette.  Taking in the early morning air from the 9th floor, the suburb of New York I was staying in had just started to wake up.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

9/13 - 9/14 Stamford, CT - New Rochelle, NY "You can't sleep here"

Stamford and points South stood to be a challenge. I hadn't had a chance to hop on a computer for a couple of days, and with my increasingly dodgy connection in Port Chester it looked as if I was sleeping out that night.

The stretch of road between Stamford and Greenwich, CT reminded me of much of my journey. Gas stations and chain grocery stores, still to early in the morning for attendants to be anything other that surly. I stepped into a station about a mile outside of the city to purchase a map, seeing that they were all for CT or New England, it wouldn't have done me much good. I thanked the proprietor and headed out.

9/12 Fairhaven to Stamford, CT "The Calm Before the Storm"

After parting ways with Cassie and Joe, I knew I needed to beat feet South and quickly. 

I only had so much time to get to New York and (hopefully) post up far enough away from the Occupy Wall Street madness to stay out of it. My contact in Port Chester hadn't been picking up his phone so I wasn't holding my breath for a soft place to sleep in the next couple of days.  As I travelled South on Rt. 1 I was constantly having to over compensate for shitty Connecticut drivers. It seems that they weren't in the habit of looking ahead while operating their vehicles, for some reason they'd notice me on the side of the road and practically swerve into the other lane to "avoid" me.

9/11 Resting in Newtown, CT #opwalkabout

I hadn't realize how homesick I was until Cassie pulled up to the Mental Health ward at Bridgeport Hospital. I'd been running on emotional empty for a few days. The support I was getting from home seemed increasingly distant, so having a loved one right there to give me a hug and hold my hand while spewing my fears was necessary. We spent the day in thrift stores, played with her dogs and talked about food, hitting the hay early to start off fresh the next day.

I love my friends.

9/8 - 9/9 Old Saybrook, CT to Wallingford, CT #opwalkabout

I set out from Old Saybrook, CT with the road stretching South and West before me.

My goal was to make Guilford, CT by night fall, the weather looked ominous, but at least the wind was a nice change from the previous days retarding humidity. Spotting the difference between townie and tourist in coastal Connecticut towns is like playing "Old or Asian" in Quincy, I sort of wished I had a walking buddy at that point to keep me company and make guesses along with me as I picked folks out during the morning commute.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9/7: #opwalkabout Old Saybrook, CT via New London

I got off the bus in New London, CT at around 9PM, hoping that the hotel wasn't booked up.  

When I called a few hours before they still had rooms available, albeit for on-season prices. I walked up to the hotel, a respectable four miles out, landing at the Red Roof inn at around 10:30PM and checking into their cheapest available room. I showered and unpacked my bag, hanging my pants still wet from the downpour in Providence.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

9/4 - 9/5 Providence, RI With New Friends

Once the rain stopped I got a chance to dry my feet out, fruitless endeavor though it was. 

The foot powder I'd put in my shoes the night before was caked between my toes and ground into what was left of the blister on my right foot.