Wednesday, October 31, 2012

9/20: Linden to Princeton Part 2

9/20: Linden to Princeton: Part 2
As we walked we talked, I was almost disturbed about how different Princeton was from any other place I'd been. It seemed as if there was a bubble of well being around the town. Even when we'd been smoking a spliff on her back porch, there was no fear that anyone would take notice. Strange considering any other place I'd been in New Jersey, if you stopped more than a couple of seconds someone official would show up and tell me to "move along move along."  I kept saying "this is so weird" unable to shake the disturbing feeling that I'd just stepped into some kind of Stepford scenario.  Shaking it off as we arrived at the Seminary School, the gothic tower standing dark, an ominous finger only noticeable by the void of stars.