#opwalkabout Podcasts and Minisodes

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Tuesdays and Thursdays 2PM to 5PM you can catch drive time battle rap, talk and god only knows what else on An UNGregular Afternoon with host Greg Runge. Greg asked that I stop into UNregular Radio's  #MEOW studio yesterday (3.5.2012) and explain just what the hell it is I'm doing walking from Boston, MA to Washington, DC.

Podcast regarding [this] blog, also covers the spirit of #opwalkabout. Guests Jackie Soriano of Three Strange Women, and Miss Jay Dee of Beats Rhymes and Life. Produced by CL9

Tracks in the background Foster the People "pumped up kicks" remix by Butch Clancy Tears for Fears Motley Crew "Shout at the Devil" Remix by Wickit Instigator. 

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