Friday, August 31, 2012

8/31 Providence run cut short

This is one of those times when prudence is best. With both feet now bleeding, it isn't the pain that's stopping me but further damage to my feet. I made four miles today. Taking the day to heal a bit, then back to the super 8 on S. Washington in N. Attleboro for more walking.

8/30 #opwalkabout Walpole to Plainville

It was disheartening to watch the mileage I'd just passed through roll by the bus window. Knowing that I'd be back at Chestnut and Washington the next morning didn't help. When I arrived at the bus stop and prepared to spend some time on my feet, I was greeted by Grace.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

8/30 #worldpodview Walpole MA

Stopped by Ever so Humble Pie and talked with Andrea for a couple of minutes, only to walk outside and see this.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8/29: Magic scissors hair salon

If your near East Walpole check Magic Scissors Hair Salon on Union St. Probably the nicest bunch of folks this side of anywhere. They were kind enough yo let me use their restroom, and talk for a minute.
They've been getting through these tough times my keeping a positive attitude working together. Many blessings on you friends, I hope your business flourishes.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#opwalkabout departing Wednesday (tomorrow)

Final Weekend in Boston before heading out to DC!

I spent some quality time out with #chalkupyboston on Sunday

I had a chance to close up shop here in Boston over the past few days, spending time with friends and getting all my stuff together. Here's a quick photo blog of the past couple days. 

If you get a chance get down to Copley Square on Sundays for #chalkupyboston.  These cats set up around the city, talk local issues, and chalk sidewalks! It's fun for the whole family! The four weeks I've been going down I spend most of my time teaching kids how to use sidewalk chalk, it's a grand ol' time.