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Letter to our leaders:



I've re-written this letter enough times to have a good long think about who I'm writing to. In many ways we are the same, we are all residents of these United States, we are all human. The only difference between you and I that matters to me, is that you are in a position of trust. That you, unlike me must take into consideration the lives of others in your decisions. Unlike me, your decisions can't just be in the interest of your constituents or party members. You have to think of the interests and concerns of all United States Citizens, and I do not envy you the task.

I am an average American. My education isn't exceptional, I am not a leader, I am not gifted in any sense of the word. I am just a woman, perhaps more forthright than most. Even from my lofty perch of white-female-middle-class-privilege, I can see that there has been a shift in the priorities of our leadership. I don't have the answers, to pretend would be disingenuous, foolish, and ignorant. But even I can see that the issues are beyond any given piece of legislation or party line. The question on my mind, a question so pressing I spent a year planning and nearly a month walking is;

"Why is the suffering of others, so that we may live as we do, systemic?"

Until a short time ago I was largely ignorant of the suffering I cause. My existence creates a footprint, and to my shame, most of my life I've ignored the size of the tread. Even if I personally pare down to subsistence, the suffering of people elsewhere that supply our Great Nation with food and energy is no less. In fact, if I consume less, more profit is made by those brokering the commodities I'm no longer using. No less coal or oil will be produced, the food supply will not be adjusted. There is quite literally nothing I can do to ease the suffering of my fellow humans globally.

Greater minds than just mine need to start working on this puzzle. The world grows closer at an astounding rate. Our children, and the children of those that we cause suffering to will have to live together.

I am afraid for the future, I am afraid for my future children.

So I've come to you on foot, all the way from Boston along the Lower Post Road. To impress upon you the importance of this question, and to remind you to consider the cost. If you have the strength to do so, take responsibility.

Kristen Hoye

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