There are several goals that resonate on both sides of the "mask".  Those who claim anonymity and protest, share many of the same principles as we who stand under our own names.  It is where those paradigms touch, that we can pull in tandem and accomplish many great things.  

Here in this wonderful place we call the internet, there are ample places for fun.  We have many ways to laugh, "lulz" if you will.  Our rage has been focused in the financial and legislative theaters, our laughter at "security" and freedom of information.  Our heart, our passion is cast into each of these equally.  When the opposition proves too much, when we fail, when we disappoint one another, our hearts are shattered.  In this we have laughter and rage, but we do not have a heart.  We are not organized in giving our passion, our heart to our communities, contributing to make reality a nicer place.

There are actions on the edges of Occupy as well as various longstanding community organizations, acting disparately without connection.  Each alone, each fighting a specific fight, each standing against tyranny in their own fashion.  To at least point at the bunny going down the hole, yes, this can be traced back to poor administration, foolish politics, corruption etc.  However, to point out the blindingly obvious, you do not completely defeat an enemy by attacking on one or two fronts.  You overwhelm the motherfucker.

I propose an experiment, can we both masked and unmasked make a difference to those who need it most?  How many children can we feed?  How many homes can we build or save?  How many families can we get off the street?  How many children will have laptops and access to lulz when this is over?

To keep this brief, and get the discourse flowing, I say "kill 'em with kindness".   Contact a locally operated charity that provides hard goods, services, education, community involvement, after school programs etc.  Find out what they need.  Get them what they need.  Empower your neighbors, give them the tools they need to help you help your community become strong, so that they may stand with you if they choose.

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