Woman Walking From Boston, MA to Washington, D.C.


"Local Activist is Walking 460 Miles, From Boston to Washington D.C., and Blogging the Entire Way - BostInno

"[Kristen] Hoye is fed up with what continues to happen in this country.
After realizing that problems people face today mirror those that previous generations dealt with, including sexism and racial profiling, she has decided it’s time to do something different.
On August 29, Hoye is doing the only thing she can think of that she hasn’t tried yet. She is going to walk to Washington, D.C., from Boston, and hand deliver a letter to our nation’s elected officials outlining exactly how"  -Steve Annear 

"A Boston woman said she plans to walk 460 miles - all the way to Washington, D.C. -- personally hand political leaders a letter about "human suffering."  Kristen Hoye (that's me) said she will depart from Parkman Bandstand on the morning of Aug. 29."  -Boston Metro

#opwalkabout on Two Hotheads: Where Activism Happens

Talking the walk and "Why Walkabout"

Two Hotheads Reform Recap:

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