Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Hammer Comes Down Twice in Oakland

Founder & correspondent from FreeMassMedia Niki Smokes, has a lot to say about cannabis reform.  With Monday's raids on high profile cannabis dispensaries and reports of shootings up the street from the raids. I wanted to hear what this seasoned activist had to say.

"It has now become very clear that our Federal Tax Dollars are not being used in the interest of public safety. The suspect in the Oikos University Shooting, One L. Goh was heavily in debt with Federal Tax Liens and on top of that he sustained numerous family deaths.  One death stands out, his brother, U.S. Army Sgt. Su Wan Ko, died in a car crash last year while engaged in a special forces training mission.

If our money was being spent rehabilitating military families that are suffering these huge losses that war burdens them with, 7 innocent lives would have been saved. Instead, Federal DEA Agents and U.S. Marshalls spent time, money, and other valuable resources investigating, raiding, and disrupting peaceful establishments in compliance with their State Laws. 

My heart goes out to the family members and victims involved in the Oikos University Shooting and to the faculty, patients, and caretakers of Oaksterdam University and Coffeeshop Blue Sky. 

Niki Smokes"

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