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BREAKING: Rep. Liz Malia and 5 others arrested during eviction blockade

Rep. Liz Malia and 5 others arrested during City Life eviction blockade.

Photo via Rita (last name omitted)

Rep. Liz Malia and five others were arrested while negotiating with police during a City Life eviction blockade in Jamaica Plain [today].  

Members of Occupy Boston and City Life / Vida Urbana; along with Rep. Liz Malia were arrested today blockading a foreclosed home in JP today.  Details are still coming in, last I heard they were being held at Green Street.  Keep your peepers on Occupy Boston media and live tweets from @davidpalden for updates.

UPDATE: 7:00PM All those arrested at the JP eviction blockade have been released. 

UPDATE: Two names Dominic [ Desiata from City Life] and Romina from Occupy Boston, three members from City Life Vida Urbana arrested during eviction blockade negotiations alongside Rep. Liz Malia. 

UPDATE: Arrestees are being held at E-13 in JP on Washington at Green St. There was mention of a low bond, they are likely to be held another 2-3 hours until a bondsman can show. 

Photo Blog: Activists and State Representative at Eviction Blockade - Rita Sebastian

Photo via @occupyrita
Here's the back story of homeowner Heather Gordon and her home on Mendell way. via Jamaica Plain Patch. We're still awaiting updates from Green Street on folks held at the police station.

"A JP woman plans to fight eviction from her Mendell Way home this morning.  Longtime resident Heather Gordon, who is active with the anti-displacement group City Life/Vida Urbana, is expected to face another eviction push from her bank. An "eviction blockade" is expected between 8:30 am and 10 a.m., according to an email from City Life." -Chris Helms JP Patch

Here's the Herald coverage of the arrests.

"Boston police took away state Rep. Liz Malia and several other activists today at a protest aimed at blocking the foreclosure eviction of a Jamaica Plain woman, witnesses say.

The group City Life Vida Urbana said officers removed the protesters for blocking access to the home of Heather Gordon, who faced eviction." Boston Herald - Jerry Kronenberg

Via Universal Hub: Six arrested at JP foreclosure protest, including state rep

"Boston Police arrested six people protesting the planned eviction of a Jamaica Plain resident this afternoon, including state Rep. Liz Malia (D-Jamaica Plain). They were among several dozen people who spent 3 1/2 hours at 3 Mendell Way, as part of a protest organized by City Life/La Vida Urbana and the Bank Tenants Association" - Universal Hub - adamg Commentary

Via BlueMassGroupRep. Malia was arrested in Jamaica Plain today

"These Occupy Boston protesters, all folks I know, put it on the line today for the working class.  This election, and this economic disaster are far worse for the working classes and folks like the homeowner who received today’s eviction defense than for the college educated middle class, or those who 'lost wealth'." -BlueMassGroup - amberpaw

One of Occupy Boston's own was down at the City Life / Vida Urbana eviction blockade and consented to share her insight, as she has some experience in the neighborhood.

"Heather's house is in a community that is on the front lines of gentrification that is also pretty well organized, considering the amount of drug dealing and violence that goes on there. Not a place most JP "types" would usually chose to live, until rents get so high in JP they have no choice if they want to stay in the area. An action there raises all sorts of interesting questions for those willing to think about what it means to live in a racially diverse neighborhood where violence has been common and property values are going up, as opposed to those who can--and do--choose a safer place.

At one point Betsy Cowan the Executive Director of Egleston Sq. Main Street came by and spoke to folks there who have an ongoing commitment to Egleston Sq., including the police officers. Like City Life/Vida Urbana, the Main Streets programs do old fashioned community organizing by maintaining and fostering relationships between community stakeholders. It's the kind of work that's a prime example of taking power away from the overlords by creating it ourselves." - Aria - Occupy Boston

MA State Rep Liz Malia arrest at Heather Gordon Eviction Blockade - City Life/Vida Urbana

This page will be updated as I get info. Info via Free School University

Please note: all pictures were swiped whole hog and without permission of the photographer. I'm posting them in the interest of spreading the information. If photographers have an issue, please get in touch.

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