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Stop Anti-Immigration S.2061 Rally Monday 6/25/2012 11:00AM Statehouse Steps

Stop Anti-Immigrant S.2061 Rally Monday 6/25/2012 11:00AM Statehouse Steps

"Until today, the governor has not been held accountable for his lack of action on anti-immigrant initiatives- we've taken care of them. Now, the ownership is on him. Let's make sure we hold him accountable to the people he has sworn to protect." 


"In 2010 and 2011, the State Senate passed a series of anti-immigrant amendments into the budget that would divide our families and harm our communities. With the efforts of the Student Immigrant Movement's vigil, and many other supportive organizations, these amendments were defeated.

This summer, these amendments are back and they're worse than before! Both the State House of Representatives and the State Senate have passed them into the budget and are ready to be signed into law by the Governor. Maybe some of these amendments won't apply to some undocumented students due to Obama'sadministrative relief, but what about immigrants who don't qualify for theDREAM ACT? Are we to leave our parents, our friends, our aunts and uncles, our teachers and janitors in the hands of ICE? Join us in speaking out against this atrocity and demand the Governor veto these amendments with his power toline-item veto.

What the amendments will do?

DRIVERS- Increase fees for those driving without a license, with penalties that could lead to fifteen years in prison.(This applies to undocumented drivers andthose who falsify documents). Also, bar undocumented people from registering vehicles.

WORKERS- Require E-verify system for government contractors. E- verify aims to make it impossible for immigrants to obtain jobs. Additionally, because E-verify is an error prone system it can also prevent individuals who areauthorized to work from obtaining jobs. It will increase penalties for people working without proper documentation, and A hotline will be created so anyone could call and report if they suspect someone is working illegally.

FAMILIES- Public housing will be denied to families with mixed immigration status. Public benefits will be denied to undocumented individuals. It will ban in-state tuition to individuals who are not permanent residents or citizens, and Massachusetts universal health care can be taken away from those who may have it.

The Governor is our last chance to stop these amendments. WE MUST ACT NOW!"

Via Free School University from SIM volunteers.

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