Sunday, September 9, 2012

9/1 - 9/3 #opwalkabout Providence layover and precipitation

The extended stop in Rhode Island put the brakes on my go-go-go attitude. The mentality has served for sheer volume of work, but in the case of traveling distance it's been necessary to set a pace as aggravating as it's been.

I spent three days with two of the organizers of Brain Tank Con, to be held ay AS220 in Providence, RI. We talked ate a ton of food, and again, after a hefty conversation, my view on Anonymous shifted. I was schooled on the history of and had some serious misconceptions corrected.

In unrelated events, the evening I arrived (read "was rescued") we attended the 300th podcast of Security Weekly on I got to see how another independent group broadcasts their show, working in harmony even in such an open environment (Paul's back porch).  I called into Two Hotheads on Activism which broadcasts Saturdays at 330pm on #UNcensored stream; the next day excited to share about my experiences thus far.

Once my feet were in some kind of condition to walk, I set out from around Pawtucket, and trecked South headed for West Warwick. Aiming for East Greenwich (pronounced "grehnitch") I walked along Elmwood Ave. basically through what I've dubbed "Roslindale South".  I forgot to mention, it rained buckets the entire 17 mile walk. BUCKETS.

I'll get into my two day stay in Providence and the new friends I made a little later.

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