Monday, March 19, 2012

Headed South Come August #opwalkabout

Dear Family and Friends and Folks,
I just wanted to let you know that everything is going well here in Boston. I'm working for an internet radio station (UNregular Radio) that's founding tenant is free speech. Personally I think they started it so they could tell naughty jokes on the air. Little did they know (maybe not, who knows) that it'd turn into a lightning rod for political activism in Boston.

Since I started [interning] here, I've been given opportunities to learn about (and hopefully eventually work with) non-profit organizations that blockade foreclosed homes, rehabilitating disabled/ homeless veterans, and working with inner city children. I'm looking forward to working with educational organizations that teach folks how to make changes in local and federal legislation.

My employers, now mentors, and new friends, are teaching me through experience the importance of local economic awareness and action. How to foster economic growth responsibly as a business owner and how to balance business, friendship and favor. My experiences here have been essential in coming to the decision that there is no choice but to "DO". Sitting around and waiting for the world/ landscape (political, economic, musical or otherwise) to change isn't going to do anything. You flip that bitch, tighten the spokes and send her down the trail.

Since I moved out here (now nearly a decade ago) I keep remembering you (Genie) telling me to come out here and give these city-folk what for. To make my way to Washington and tell them what fools they've made of us all. I've neglected that duty to you and to myself. I've sown my wild oats, wasting time and money. I'm working now to make good on my time away from home. In part by working at the radio station job jobbin' it up and whotnot. And in part by educating myself on civics and checks & balances. Learning what I can do to make changes to laws. Granted I am a political novice, but at this point, I can't RISK staying on my armchair.

With each passing week there are more and more laws being changed to lead up to our rights being stripped away. Several states in 2011 alone made changes to voter registration laws, making it either more difficult to register to vote, or changing absentee voting laws. There has been a systematic degradation in the voter registration and education "network" that is appalling to say the least. So many times in the last year I've seen "partisan" issues such as the "contraception debate" catch the eye of the media like a red herring, while bills like HR-347 pass nearly uncontested through "our" checks and balances system.

Normally I wouldn't think to tell anyone that I was scheming, much less with this much advanced notice (or so many of you) except that what I'm planning is about to become illegal, at least that's the direction we're going in. President Obama just signed a bill that makes it legal to arrest to protesters on property, where federally protected (by the secret service) persons are present, neatly circumventing the First Amendment.

With the passing of NDAA last year, there are no longer any provisions for habeas corpus for American citizens arrested during war-time under the Patriot Act. Anyone can be labelled "domestic terrorist", and there is no longer protection to allow for retrial, or appeal. "Free speech zones" are now being used to coral journalists and media during civil actions across the country. Even here in Boston members of the media have been barred from public hearings and public spaces under such restrictions.

And so, to make a fist of it, I'm a-headed South come August. I'm walking from Boston Massachusetts to Washington in the District of Columbia nestled in the bonny bosom of ye olde Patomic River basin. I'll be travelling by way of the lower Boston Post Road, that runs along rt. 1A. I'll be travelling with friends for a stretch and by myself for others, If you're along the route (will be published soon), come for a stroll, we can talk about the weather, and perhaps perhaps politics;p. I'll be carrying with me a letter to my federal and state representatives, addressing my concerns with the legislation recently passed. If you have a letter to go South, I can take that with me too.

I'm looking to work with some folks from the ACLU and National Lawyers Guild, as well as activists here in Boston to put together a plan. I wanted you, my family and friends, and fellow hip cats to hear it from me first. I'm not going to do any thing FUCKING CRAZY so chill. (Sorry for the language Grandma Genie and Mom) I'm seeing if I can either arrange for, or be asked to speak at, a congressional hearing. At the very least I am doing this to raise awareness of these huge holes being poked in our constitution. To shake John Q. Public up beyond the banking system to the heart of the matter, our own unwillingness to act.

I have six months to make a terrible noise, and another month to make my way South. Should you feel so inclined, pass this message along. Tell your friends, your family, your followers, likers whatever, that someone is taking the time to care. Regardless or maybe in spite of their own ignorance and fear. I want to be a better person, I want to do right by my family, myself and my country. I don't have any right to ask for your support, or approval, or blessings. Just your love and what thoughts you have to offer as I move forward.

I love you all very much, even those of you I barely know, and though I may not call or write, my thoughts are always with you.

Kristen (Mostly KC sometimes called "The Management") Hoye

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PS: All of the above aside, for the love of heaven and earth JUST VOTE!

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