Monday, March 19, 2012

Grandma Genie responds...


It sounds as though you've found your niche and I applaud you, even though I'm not sure where you stand on certain issues, but...., as the old saying goes, "I will fight for your right to your opinion."  We as Americans, tend to be sheep, as we bemoan the fact that our rights have been chiseled away by the very same government that is supposed to protect them.  As I look back on my life, I have seen so many of our precious rights taken away ever so slowly, but steadily.  It's sad and 'yes', we do need to actually get up off our big super-sized butts and make a stand, or we will loose even more of them until this country is a completely Socialized society and our once revered system is completely gone for good.

Unfortunately, I have not always been a good example, but I know that the fabric of true 'America' is the Christian way of life.  I don't mean the damned hypocrites, but those who actually have demonstrated true Christianity and live their lives thusly, are the basis of what our original Constitution was built upon.  People who stand up and proclaim "I am a Christian", are not the true Christians, but those to live their lives by example are those who actually make a difference.  Please remember that.

The times that I spent in Washington DC were a real 'eye opener', as to what our government has become, and it has only gotten worse since, as you mentioned 'the Patriot Act', etc..  Even at that time, the barrels of the rifles glistened in the morning sun on top of the White House.  Everything that I had been taught about 'Americanism' was lost when I realized 'those guns were pointed at me', and that even though I was there to protest the loss of our way of life here in rural America, that with a single word, I could have been gunned down and would have been just another little 'hole in the fabric of our once strong flag, the flag that once represented a strong nation and a strong people.

I would have been just another statistic that the federal government would have covered up and I'm sure other than the small town newspaper in Brookings, that my death wouldn't have even been mentioned.  My life would have been cut short along with a long number of people who have died for the same thing our forefathers fought and died for.  Remember Ruby Ridge!!  Never forget.
I am so proud of you for 'standing up' for your beliefs, as I am sure your upbringing here on the west coast has grounded you in the 'basics' and that you will use your good judgement to better our way of life.  Don't forget to pray and always ask God to guide you in your steps.

You are in my heart and in my prayers.
  ~ Grandma Genie

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