Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Photo Blog: Occupy Monsanto, NOFA, LEAH Collective, and more at the BCEC 6/18/2012

NOFA, Occupy Monsanto, Occupy Boston, Occupy New Hampshire, and The LEAH Collective gathered at the BCEC yesterday to protest GMO's and pesticides in our food supply.

Protesters picketed, shouted, cursed and sang their way through the morning, as convention goers filed into the BCEC. 

Occupy Monsanto provided a sound system that was quickly rejected by BCEC security and Boston Police.  Organizers from Occupy Monsanto and Ellen Fine of the LEAH collective along with members of Free School University spearheaded handing out information on organic gardening, and contact points for finding out the dangers of GMO's and the fight for GMO labeling. 

Organic farmers, beekeepers and members of NOFA/ NOFA Mass gathered at the BCEC to protest pesticides and GMOs. 

After driving up from DC and getting stuck in traffic until 5:00AM the Occupy Monsanto cats ripped it up at the protest, high energy regardless. 

John the Beekeeper and seasoned NOFA folks taunt the big wigs on their way into the convention.

Police presence went from two to thirteen when Occupy Monsanto showed up.

Plenty of opportunity to share ideas and learn from seasoned vets!

I also got a chance to meet the founder and director of Seeding Labs a non-profit out of South Boston.  Seeding Labs trains third world scientists on newer equipment by bringing them here to the US, giving them the necessary training and then sending them home with equipment.

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