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Stroller Brigade for Safe Chemicals III, 7/31/2012

Stroller Brigade for Safe Chemicals III, 7/31/2012

Stroller Brigade for Safe Chemcials 

Please join Clean Water Action and the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow at noon on June 28th in Boston for a "Stroller Brigade" for Safe Chemicals to ask Massachusetts Senators to be our heroes and protect our health from toxic chemicals. 


Moms, kids and allies from across Massachusetts will come together for a day of action to urge a vote on a policy that protects us from toxic chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, asthma, & other serious illnesses.

The July 31st deadline for the end of the legislative session is rapidly approaching and the Safer Alternatives Bill is still sitting in the Senate Committee on Ways & Means.  We need some heroes in the Massachusetts Senate to get this job done. 
12:00 PM - Meet at Boston Common near corner of Beacon & Park Streets (map). Decorate letters for state senators, hand out superhero capes for kids, lunch provided.

12: 45 PM - Walk to Senate Chambers (go through security) & greet Senators as they enter formal session

1:30 PM - Visit Senators offices (we will help you set up meetings with your Senators) 

In Case of rain:
 Meet at noon at the Church on the Hill - 140 Bowdoin St. (map) 
Who is invited:
Everyone who wants to see the Safer Alternatives Bill passed so that we can have healthy homes, workplaces, communities and schools!  A special welcome to moms, dads and kids of all ages. 

What will be provided:
Lunch: Boloco burritos will be provided for all who RSVP by June 26th. If you have food allergies let us know when you RSVP and we'll do the best we can.
Capes: Superhero capes for kids!
Materials & signs: Small signs to hold at the State House and materials to give to Senators. 

What to bring:
Most importantly, bring yourself!  Other things to bring if you can:
* Friends! (Here's a flyer you can print out to share with others.)
* A stroller
* Your cape from the Stroller Brigade last summer
* Letters to your Senator from neighbors and others who live in your town
* Any snacks that you or your family need

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