Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear friends, much to my chagrin...

It been a hell of a month...

I've got hands, feet, and 2.5 pounds of grey matter that I am applying to this walkabout conundrum. And a conundrum it is. I've always been one to bite off more than I can chew, and I can say for sure that's the case with this one.  My motivation for walking 462 miles remains the same. However the hubris of thinking I could arrange a project including curriculum in such a short period of time is just plain silly. 

My intention of walking and teaching along the way is a concept that is very dear to me. I've always wanted to be a teacher when I grow up, or an astronaut, or a drummer. Unfortunately I'm afraid of heights, and my left side is always drunk, so I'm "learning my way up" so to speak and kind of jumped the gun on the "teaching tour". 

Due to timing, and lack of sponsorship, (read lack of time to get sponsors) and a pile of previous commitments that I will not leave hanging in the wind.  I won't be teaching blogging and social media integration on the way down. I am still walking from Boston to D.C

I am still carrying my letter, and I can honestly say I'm relieved I'm not holding myself to this arbitrary goal.  I have a commitment to several organizations and people here in Boston that I have to fulfill as both teacher and student.  I'd be a rat bastard if I neglected my responsibilities, to my friends, interns, and colleagues in order to fulfill what is; (I've admitted this both publicly and privately) the public relations component of a much larger plan for integrating local websites regionally. 

While I have a knowledge base to help get people started. As I've found out in the last few weeks, I am by no means knowledgeable enough to represent the subject matter as fully as need be.  Expert level anything is 10,000 or more hours of experience, and even on a day when I'm feeling my oats I wouldn't say I've broken 2,000.  Which isn't to say that I'm not fucking awesome, because those hours have been accruing since last July. But I'm not an expert, and I'd be misrepresenting myself and my training to say that I am.  

All of the above being said, I'm still walking to Washington, D.C. I walkabout because even though we make progress in technology, even though we see these forward leaps in innovation, science, entertainment, medicine, etc. A growing part of me sees a very real and dear cost, and it's a price that I feel Americans don't know they'll have to pay.  The regional nature of search programs coupled with media outlets that spin partisan news, results in polarizing the ignorant political "center".  Alongside the cathartic and inaccessible nature of social media, there is a growing culture of divisiveness by demographic. 

So I'm walking. Any free thinking human that sees the same cost, or has paid the price, is welcome to join. Or if you just want go for a stroll along the route and chat, I'd certainly love that too. 

KC sometimes called "The Management" Hoye

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