Friday, July 20, 2012

Not one, but TWO radio shows!

Nothing Like Them Radio on UNregular Radio

Howdy folks! Here's a quick update on what's up in walkabout land.

I'll be live today on Nothing Like Them Radio, their show starts at 4:45PM and I'll be kicking it with Steelo, Stix and Twigz.  NLT is a two hour block of Boston's best hip hop and ranges from hilarious to outrageous when these cats start jawing on the scene. 

Here's their info from UNregular Radio, tune in! "Nothing-Like Them-Radio is a nonstop Boston local hip-hop station, which airs at 4:45 every Friday at UNregular Radio.

Hosted by Beantown Steelo, Stix Cheney, and Twigz Da Lunitic, any fan of local rap should tune in to hear the best artists Boston has to offer.

NTLR strives to unify Boston artists and create a unique, individual sound for the city. Any artists in the Boston or New England area who want airplay should send a song to in MP3 format only.

Also, anyone looking for a station to place commercials should follow the same instructions mentioned above. This is not a record label nor are we looking to sign any artists, simply to promote the Boston hip hop scene."

But that's not all!

Two Hotheads: Where Activism Happens on UNregular Radio
I'll be on the air with Mike Cann of and Heather Mack from Solo Sexx talking the walk and shooting the shit on just what it is I do at UNregular Radio.  

The name of the show is "Two Hotheads: Where Activism Happens" and it goes live every Saturday at 3:30PM EST.  The folks at Two Hotheads and Free Mass Media bust ass to bring you news and highlights on New England political action.  They've had notables from Barney Frank to C-Money from Slightly Stoopid.  Check out one of their previous shows.

I'll definitely have more info later today!

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