Thursday, July 26, 2012

With All Due Respect: Go Fuck Yourself Menino

See!! My shit's official! All Hail King Menino!
Supporter of Homophobes Hater of Chicken!

Fuck Censorship And Other Such Type Things

Great, I'm glad Mayor Menino has a fucking opinion. Even if I agree with his opinion, it has no business on official City of Boston stationary.  Mayor Menino is not the "voice" of the City of Boston, unless there was a vote that I missed, and his opinion is no more valid because of said office.  In my humble fucking opinion, using his office as a weapon of intimidation in a democratic free market is criminal.

Here's the letter: sourced on the Boston, Massachusetts facebook page.

I am insulted as a Boston resident, and I feel robbed of the opportunity to see this fair city host the first ever gay marriage in a Chick-fil-a. (totally Dex Mutha Fuckin' Ter's idea) I have been denied, (presumably the aforementioned company will not be bringing their business to Boston) the right to protest this establishment by;

A) Boycotting CFA; [thus forcing the company to waste] money building a location here. (Thank you Master Grammarian Derick Freire) 

B) my holding a sign out front to the effect of "Don't eat this homophobic companies sexless genetically modified chicken"   

C) Pulling a WWCFD and pissing on the floor and stealing the napkins

I absolutely support gay marriage. I would have loved to stand next to my gay brothers and sisters and protest the shit out of this establishment coming to our city. Instead, I get to explain how this is yet another public relations move; thoughtfully geared towards a demographic with an arguably higher disposable income than say the immigrant population, or people of color.

*cough* Roxbury Safety Net Smear Campaign (welcome your new level 4 bio lab and the inevitable zombie apocalypse) / Jamarhl Crawford Smear Campaign (Blackstonian editor gets shit on by public officials and mainstream media for having a life before politics) *cough* 

Once again, Menino has proven how much of a totalitarian nepotistic asshole he is. The shitty thing is, people I love, care about and respect fell for it. Wake the fuck up.  Menino has no right to use his office, to speak for the public of this city, it's wrong, it's un-American plain and simple. He's Italian right? Maybe related to Mussolini? (Please come at me with shit about "racism" for that and I'll explain "irony")

Do you know why racial profiling still exists in Boston? Because there isn't enough of a mobilized voting population to vote it down. Do you know why gay marriage exists in MA? Oh that's right... 

[Open letter from Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers to Mayor Menino proving my point perfectly.]

As backers of gay marriage and/ or members of the LGBT community, our support is being garnered by a fucking spin artist with an agenda, not some bumbling friendly papa in Govt. Center.  And if you really want to know how your buddy Menino feels about gay marriage, guess who he backed in City of Boston v. The Catholic Church on money owed to the city. I can tell you right now it doesn't rhyme with "Shitty in Austin".

By continuing to support municipal, state and federal government circumventing the democratic process when it is convenient for us, we are actively participating in the degradation of our civil rights.  Fuck you Mayor Menino for using a civil rights issue to polarize a growing voter demographic, and fuck you voters for falling for it. I'll be at City Hall Plaza at 11AM on Friday, with my "Hail King Menino: Supporter of Homophobes, Hater of Chicken" sign, please feel free to join.

[I decided to go with "Menino's Priorities: Catholic Church, gay marriage,... chicken"]

Ask yourself this question: "Why is it still legal to fire someone based on their sexual orientation?" The video below is by far the best response I've seen to this whole Chick-Fil-A fiasco.

Chick-Fil-A and Proverbs 25:21


  1. Um....what? the mayor has every right to voice his opinion just as you do. He is not blocking CFA. He is saying he does not want it here just as he did not want Walmart here. By the way, there is NO right to establish a fast-food outlet. If there were, you'd see a McDonald's in Wellesley or Weston and you don't. A town or city has no obligation to allow any business anywhere in the town to open. Less time swearing more time reading. (We know you;re angry)

    1. I've never claimed to be anything other than ignorant, and voicing an opinion, so please, educate me. Where is the official denial of application for business to the city of Boston? Did the city council meet and say that they feel Mayor Menino should voice this opinion on behalf of the City of Boston?

      I get that mayors using their political office as a platform to voice opinion is the status quo, I'm bitching because in my opinion it's not right. I also get that probably didn't translate what with all the fucks floating around in there.

      I'm in this to learn, care to come down off of your high horse and provide some resources? Such as provisions for denial of a business application in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, or links to Walmart's application and denial documents, or links to resources about Wellesley/ Weston. What makes those towns different? What's in their charter that allows for that restriction? I haven't been able to find much.

      I did my readers the courtesy of backing my opinion up with links to Menino's wishy washy ways. Pretty much stating that I was pissed off at friends and family for a knee jerk reaction to a political ploy. You stated fact without backing it up. I'd love to continue the discourse, if you'd care to help provide the information. Hell, maybe I'll even change my opinion.