Monday, July 23, 2012

Two Hotheads: Where Activism Happens

Saturday was a hell of a day for radio...

...although more-so for me. The fine folks at Two Hotheads: Where Activism Happens were kind enough to have me on air to "talk the walk" for a bit on Saturday 7/21.

I was nervous as hell coming into it.  I'd spoken with Mike and Heather two weeks ago about coming down for an interview, so there was all that time to stir myself into a sweat.

To preface this a bit, I've known Mike and Heather for about a year, and am a huge fan of Heather's music in Solo Sexx, and I'd first met Mike when judging last year's battle for the rally at the Middle East.   I've since gotten to know both of them through working together at the station, and I respect both of them deeply.

Both of Mike and Heather are steeped in process of changing laws, and on the one hand their breadth of knowledge on the subject is something I admire.  On the other, I was intimidated as hell to sit across the table from them and attempt to keep my head above conversational water.  When what I'd though was going to be a 15 minute interview at the head of the show turned into me sitting in and chatting like old friends, I was just thrilled to bits. 

You can catch Mike and Heather every Saturday from 3:00PM to 5:30PM EST on UNregular Radio.  Be sure to join the Two Hotheads: Where Activism Happens facebook group for updates.

Without further ado, here's the podcast from Saturday's episode of Two Hotheads: Where Activism Happens with Mike Cann and Heather Mack.  Also appearing Chris Faraone of the Boston Phoenix to talk shop on the continued drama of the BPPA and the Pax Centurion

Right click and click "Save Link As..." in order to download the episode.

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