Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Event: Unfolding Changes at Center for Marxist Education 8/18/2012

8/18 Unfolding Changes in Cuba's Economic Organization and Food Production

"Cuba is undergoing significant changes in its economic organization and food production. Two of the speakers, Duncan McFarland and Cristina Martinez, participated in a week-long conference in July co-sponsored by the University of Havana and the US-based Radical Philosophy Association. 

Conference presenters frankly discussed problems that prompted the ongoing changes, and reviewed how they are unfolding. 
Our third speaker, Tom Whitney, is a long-time Cuba solidarity activist who has worked on Cuba Friendshipments and defense of the Cuba Five. He recently reviewed the food situation in Cuba and the proposed changes in its agricultural practices, including the development of urban cooperatives to produce and distribute food."
3-5pm, Sat. 8/18/12, 
Center for Marxist Education, 
550 Mass. Ave. 2d Floor, 
Central Square T stop, Cambridge

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