Saturday, August 18, 2012

#opwalkabout Makes BostInno!

"[Kristen] Hoye is fed up with what continues to happen in this country.

After realizing that problems people face today mirror those that previous generations dealt with, including sexism and racial profiling, she has decided it’s time to do something different...."

Hoye will tie her shoes and start her trek—an impressive 460-miles—to give the letter to our nation’s representatives, face-to-face.

In her letter, she begs the question, which she has pined over and researched for the last year, “Why is the suffering of others, so that we may live as we do, systemic?”

You can check the Q&A with BostInno's Steve Annear here, and be sure to keep your peepers out for more updates on #opwalkabout on the blog and in the media!.

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