Friday, August 31, 2012

8/30 #opwalkabout Walpole to Plainville

It was disheartening to watch the mileage I'd just passed through roll by the bus window. Knowing that I'd be back at Chestnut and Washington the next morning didn't help. When I arrived at the bus stop and prepared to spend some time on my feet, I was greeted by Grace.

Grace works at Tre Jolie on Washington St. and was more than willing to discuss the state of things on "main St."  She owns her own business "Brain Max" and works at the shop to make ends meet. We talked for a bit about her service as an education analyst and she directed me up the street to another business owner at Ever So Humble Pie.

I stopped in to talk shop with this brave business owner who'd been blasted by the media for declining EBT. Andrea was swamped, oven alarms going off, phones ringing. She still took the time to give me her thoughts.

"I deal in commodities, flour, sugar, oil, and prices are only going one way, up.... with the tax spike going in January unless something changes in Washington." I could see that Andrea was busy so I beat feet, accidentally leaving the scone she'd given Mr on the counter.
Tint to start walking again.

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