Tuesday, September 25, 2012

9/17: New York City; Occupied Part 2

9/17/2012 10:00AM - 12:00PM
I'd gotten word from my UNregular friend that he'd be in town shortly before noon. That gave me plenty of time to wander Battery Park and surrounding areas, so I hit a grocery store to grab a bite and set up across the street from the park. 
Once I'd finished eating, I started carving another symbol on my walking stick, this time a bulls head to show that I'd been in the city during the Wall Street fun. As I was carving someone bumped me from behind, my knife slipped and I cut my finger.  As per my anemic status it started bleeding like crazy, I fumbled in my pack for my medical kit, cursing my ineptitude at doing anything one handed. A police officer who was standing on the sidewalk saw the blood and eloquently said

"EEEeeeeewww! You shouldn't do that here." 

Not sure how to respond, and trying to muddle my way through pouring iodine on the cut, as well as trying to find a bandage one handed, I ignored him.  Finally I cut a section off of my scarf and tied off my finger effectively stopping the bleeding.  I looked up and the cop was gone, probably for the best since a talk on appropriate first aid probably wouldn't go over well. I shook it off, finished the carving and packed up my kit.  Bleeding stopped, I packed my bag back up and meandered over to Battery Park.

My phone went off, I had a text message from the S17 Celly group saying that the meeting place for "post action spokes councils" had moved from the Zucotti area to Battery Park. Since the meet with my friend was in the area I set up a few yards from the group of protesters, running into a friend I'd met in Washington Square Park two nights before. We talked for a bit, he asked why I was avoiding the action.  I eyeballed him for a minute, shifting my pack on my hips to give myself a moment to think.

"Well, I still have 200 some odd miles to go. If I get tossed in the clink here, my trip is done for. No matter how much I agree, or want to help getting arrested here does not accomplish that goal.  I have to look at the bigger picture."

He nodded, realizing that I wasn't there for the "action" rather just happened to be in town while it was going on.

"I see what you're saying, fair enough"

We talked a bit longer, and I gave him a granola bar, knowing that folks get caught up in protests and rarely remember to eat.  I reminded him to drink plenty of water and stay out of trouble, then made my way down to the Statue of Liberty Cruise terminal to meet up with my friend from Boston. On my way I ran into a reporter from Boston, we talked for a bit, I offered him some food.  He declined telling me he runs on a "Two ham sandwich diet for these things, one in the morning and one around 5:00PM" Considering his experience with these things, I didn't gainsay him, rather said my "see you laters" promising to get in touch when our mutual friend landed.

I ran into some folks from Occupy Boston, said hello and exchanged hugs with folks. One of the folks from Seeds of Resistance was kind enough to give me some dried fruit after I'd complained about the annoying amount of food I needed to eat. I chatted for a bit, then headed off to the opposite end of the park to meet with my friend.  Wandering through the park I heard snippets of conversation, few of them having to do with the days protests.  Rather folks were talking about the future. Discussing plans on how to meet up after the anniversary, and how to get in touch and move plans for the coming year forward.

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