Wednesday, September 26, 2012

9/18: Montclair, New Jersey

Montclair, NJ: After my weekend in New York City I was ready chill for a minute with my homie Cookie.  As one of the most generous souls I've ever met, she went through the trouble of picking up supplies for my feet.  She tried to insist that I leave the housework to the professionals, namely her, but I told her to go screw and started doing the dishes.

As it is I hate doing laundry, so we worked out an amicable exchange in which I would clean the kitchen and she would wash my terribly dirty clothes. I learned early on that many hands make light work, namely from evading work and making it heavier for others. Unwilling to leave my buddy in the position of cleaning up around me, we got down to business and wrapped housework pretty early in the day. This left us plenty of time to peruse the fawncy grocery up the street, so I could score some tasty foods for my travels.

We settled on baked chicken breast, wild rice, black beans, and steamed green beans for dinner. To which my hosts roommate said "What's this brown shit in my rice" and she replied "more rice, eat it". I snickered at the exchange and continued to stuff my face. I was losing weight at an alarming rate, already down 22lbs from my 198 that I'd started the journey at. I knew if I didn't keep the protein and the right kind of calories coming in, I'd suffer for it later. 

Following our tasty meal, I continued type type typing away at my blog, attempting to play catch up. Not a fruitless venture, but I feel as if I'm forever behind the ball.  I sacked out around 10:00PM, ready as I could be to take on the rest of New Jersey the next day.

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