Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Three Weeks to Departure: 22 Days and Counting 22 Days of Walking

Wireless, Slightly-too-short couch, clean laundry. Rating: 4 out of 5 knapsacks

An update from your foot-loose couch-surfing activist in training. 8/6/2012

"I realized early on there would be a correlation between when I fell asleep and when the next performer would go into the studio to make magic." 

Last night I stayed with friends from college in Brighton. The evening featured stir fry with grilled top round, and a couple hours playing with the sweetest pit bull on the planet. I didn't want to ask, as I was afraid of the answer, what went into the purple, green, and orange concoction. Upon inspection I accurately identified broccoli, and by taste carrot, and potato. I try not to make a habit of looking a gift meal in the mouth so thumbs up to whatever it was that made it's way into the wok, it was fucking delicious.

Porching it for a smoke, I talked shop with some cats from my days booking corporate A\V technicians. I ran into CL9, host of UNderdog Radio, turns out him and his boys were coming through to record some new tracks for his mix-tape (which drops 9/2) on the first floor.  Check Fresh in Brighton if you're looking to lay down some tracks, he's quality.  After griping a bit about work and the grind, I said my good nights and sought out the second floor for a bong and a shower.

Clean and smelling of lavender with laundry tumbling dry I called it an early night I sacked out at around 9:00PM.  As it turns out the couch I was surfing was situated next to the performance space for the studio. Stuffing my ears with -32db earplugs and wrapping a scarf around my head to block the light. I had a strategy. I realized early on there would be a correlation between when I fell asleep and when the next performer would go into the studio to make magic.

I was jarred awake at 5:00AM by the sound of my hosts neighbor screaming at someone named "Rodrigo" in broken English to put his pants back on.  My lower back protested as I rolled over on my slightly-too-short bed/couch, I told it to shut up, replaced the earplug that had fallen out and promptly went back to sleep. My alarm screamed me awake minutes later in order to update the UNregular Radio blog. Frantically running updates, and resizing photos, sans coffee, I shook it off, visited the little girls room and passed back out for another three hours.

11:00AM saw me reluctantly awake and laying in a pool of sweat, thankfully no screaming.  More than willing to get myself out of that sticky situation, I changed and traipsed to the corner store for smokes and a snack to tide me over until breakfast. Which I might add, was fucking delicious, featuring fried eggs and cheese on whole wheat bread with sriracha sauce.

A slew of phone calls, calendar updates, and a minor heart attack when hootsuite decided to stop displaying properly on my phone and I was on my way to work by the 5PM hour.

Last nights couch surfing experience was pretty awesome, I'd rate it a 4 out of 5 knapsacks.

Ironically enough, I'm terrible at writing press releases so I've foisted the responsibility off on a dear friend.  Within the next few days, any press outlets that have been eagerly awaiting the "official" press release for #opwalkabout, will have it in their hot little hands.

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