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News Spotting: 6/3/2012

News spotting! Here's a rundown of news spotted today, June 3rd 2012. (Links)

This article is updated throughout the day with zippy one liners as the news rolls in.

Understanding cyberspace is key to defending against digital attacks

From The Washinton Post

It's just so big!
The Washington Post states the obvious, repeatedly.  They're a bit late on the Stuntex news, and I'd be a bit more forgiving if the article wasn't so poorly sourced.  C'mon guys, just 'cause you have a big name, it doesn't mean you get away with not citing sources.

Google News Founder: To invent the future, news industry must hire ‘restless agents of change’

From Poynter

"As consumers have access to vast troves of news information from all over the world, Bharat urged news editorial teams to provide a guide to content, not just produce content. “Creation and curation should be the fundamental activities for your editorial team,” he said." - by Sarah Wachter

Bharat speaks at the News World Summit as a part of the Global Editors Network

Sourced NYTimes use of Google+

Europe, pressed by Germany, mulls major step towards ‘fiscal union’

From National Post

Taking a look at the impact of sweeping financial reform in Europe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel calls for changes that would require an "unprecedented loss of sovereignty".  Can Mediterranean members of the keep up?

Europe mulls major step towards "fiscal union"
From Reuters

It's the same damn article that was in the National Post. 

Venus to eclipse Earth next week, 1st time in more than a century

From Straits Times

OOOooOOOoo Pretty. 

The 2012 Transit of Venus

Former car czar Rattner defends Obama economy

8 People die in drug violence in Mexican Pacific resort city
From Fox Latino

Read more:

Clinton steps up pressure on Russia on Syria

From Fox Boston

Not all gloom and doom for Indian economy;improvement likely: Survey
From India Economic Times

The decline and fall of Hosni Mubarak
One year on, Ahram Online remembers the run up to the ouster of Egypt's most infamous president and the fate of his still ongoing trial
From Ahram Online

Why Science Education Won't Solve Our Climate Problems

From Mother Jones

Cannibals In The News: Five Bizarre Acts Of Human Flesh Eating In One Week

From Huffington Post

Mass protest against Mubarak trial verdict called for Tuesday
From Ahram Online

From Think Progress

How To Spot Twitter Propaganda: Study

From Huffington Post

Hosni Mubarak verdict adds to tension before Egypt vote

From National Post

Passenger plane crashes in Nigeria's largest city
From Associated Press

Conditions favourable for onset of monsoon: Met office
From Times of India

Fehrnstrom, Cutter spar on Romney's Massachusetts record

From Politico

Egyptians overseas start voting for president Sunday
From Ahram Online

The BBC must not act as the palace’s cheerleader-in-chief

From New Statesman

In Wis. gubernatorial recall, Barrett upbeat despite polls

From Washington Times

Employers Struggle To Fill Jobs Amid Talent Shortage, Says Manpower Survey

From Huffington Post

Removal of billions of gallons of water from the earth’s surface arouses new opposition to fracking


Monsanto connected to at least 200,000 suicides in India throughout past decade
From Natural News

Criminal prosecution of Monsanto for biopiracy confirmed

From GM Watch

Luka Rocco Magnotta murder case has disturbing resemblance to Hollywood thriller ‘Basic Instinct’

From National Post

No respite for pope as more documents leaked

From Reuters

After gory incidents, online 'zombie' talk grows
From Associated Press

Is Exercise Harmful for Some People?

Q&A with Professor Michael Golden: Tackling malnutrition in Mauritania

When will Russia change its stance on Syria?

Paris police search for Canada killing suspect

A New Metaphor for Your Career

Passenger plane 'crashes into building in Lagos'

How not to write about Africa in 2012 – a beginner's guide

RNC chair Reince Priebus: Obama hasn't followed through on promises

The promised gas revolution can do the environment more good than harm

The “golden age of gas” could be cleaner than greens think

A gas revolution in Australia’s heartlands creates divisions

Win or Lose on June 5, Advocates Agree Wisconsin Progressive Movement Must Continue

Toronto Eaton Centre shooting: Second round of gunfire ‘seemed kind of crazy’

Target Sells T-Shirts To Raise Money For Group Working To Defeat Gay Marriage Ban In Minnesota

New charge against Mubarak's sons as protests grow

153 people feared dead in Nigerian plane crash

Bowling for Peace: Why an Afghan Woman Risked Her Life to Bring Bowling to Afghanistan

Armies of India, Pak biggest hurdle in solving Siachen: Pak minister

3 Years After Taxpayer Bailout, Bank of America Ships Jobs Overseas

‘For Going Against God’s Will’ Catholic Hospital Denies Gay Man HIV Meds

Egypt crisis: Shafiq condemns presidential rival Mursi

Euro Zone Nears Moment of Truth on Staying Together

Occupy Buffalo convinces city to withdraw $45 million from JPMorgan

Scott Brown challenges Elizabeth Warren to debate

'It was not necessary to kill Gaddafi'

Wisconsin’s Peter Pan progressivism

Untangling a Rape Case in Crown Heights

Zombie Apocalypse! 411 On Bath Salt Drugs (DETAILS)

Trans activist Gunner Scott says, despite increased visibility, it’s still dangerous to be transgender in America
From The Boston Phoenix

Thousands Rally in Toronto as Solidarity for Quebec Spreads Like Wildfire

Cyprus would seek EU bailotut money 'if necessary'

Russian rivers are clogged with frozen oil

OC Family Evicted Into Homelessness, Including A Child With Cancer (VIDEO)

Leaked documents reveal UK fight to dilute EU green energy targets

Japanese protest outside prime ministers office on Friday – More than half of residents near Ohi still opposed to restar

Israeli officials may have less to fear coming to UK but uncomfortable questions remain

Whitewater-Baldy Fire In New Mexico Studied For Forest Management

Local Official: 5,000,000 Bq/kg and no decontamination — We can’t eat food grown here, but we are forced to live here

Council of the EU energy efficiency directive

Response of big six energy suppliers to EU directive

Obama ordered Stuxnet cyber attack on Iran: Report
From PressTV

Can GMO Mosquitoes Save You From Dengue?

Mastro mystery: Aging ex-magnate nears 1 year on the lam

Japan’s obsession with restarting Ohi reactors lacks “scientific basis”

Passenger plane carrying 147 crashes into downtown building in Nigeria’s largest city

Commercial property professionals expect values to climb

Vatican In Need of Reform- Not US Catholic Nuns
From Politico News

From Think Progress

Would King Have Evolved on Gay Rights?

The rise of the 'narciss-ome'

BP investors in line for £10bn windfall from sale of TNK-BP stake

UK comments on Council of the EU's 2050 draft energy proposals

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