Sunday, June 3, 2012

What's this "we" crap? (A personal note on protest)

Previous posts to the contrary, I'd hardly consider myself a "protester". Largely I don't have the time to participate in marches and mass actions. On one end if I cover protest and political action as a "member of the media", it presents a conflict of interest.  On the other end if I actively participate in said actions, I run the risk of compromising my professional objectivity.

While I am not a reporter, or a journalist, I am in the position to provide commentary. To my shame I am completely incapable of keeping my feelings out of it.  I cannot bring an objective view to the table. So I work in marketing and promote local bands.   

That's my damage, and I can own it, maybe I'm disgusted with my own "clicktivism" and want to make a change.  Maybe I'm tired of mentally passing the buck when I see disparity.  I couldn't tell you the "why" without coming up with a revolving door of reasons.

I am by nature a very lazy writer, and have a habit of dropping into the colloquial "we" out of pure laziness.  If you don't agree, don't participate in this facet of action. Don't be a part of this "we". That is the nature of tolerance no?

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