Thursday, June 7, 2012

Via Mass Bytes - Kc's Birthday Dinner

Via Mass Bytes -  Kc's Birthday Dinner

Dewey from The Luxury likes ham
I swiped this blog post from Sarah Sparks over at Mass Bytes, she was kind enough to write about the birthday dinner I cooked a few weeks ago.  Thanks much miss Sparks for your kind words, I truly appreciate them. Yes. I will cook for you anytime. Check out Mass Bytes for the full post, and be sure to keep your peepers on MB for local Boston foody updates!

Kc's Birthday Dinner (by Sarah Sparks)

This thank you post is long overdue. I know, Kc. I know. Better late than never. Thank you for dealing with someone like me who can be a pain in the ass. I do love you. So yeah, Happy Mother's Day to you, because you are a special lady in my life as well. Some day, I would love to cook for you. Maybe Lentil Tacos?   

It was Mother's Day AND Kc "The Management" Hoye's Birthday. Instead of having supper with the ladies in my family, I spent the evening indulging in Kc's home cooked dinner of Ham and Mac & Cheese. Yes, she wanted to cook for her birthday and no she would not let any of us help. She enjoys cooking and doesn't get to do it often, so if you get a chance to have her dinner, do it. Yes. Do it.

The Luxury stated it was the best ham ever.

For the rest of the post go to Mass Bytes, and be sure to show your local restaurants and foodies some love!

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